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Liu Yimin told reporters smile Life without a child,scarpe louboutin outlet, drawn the short straw and moved into the city to survive dollars. Her with a pair of calloused hands,air max 90, a broom stained years, adoption has more than 10 abandoned babies, to help raise more than 30 people on behalf of children,028RhHcnvN, as they propped up a blue sky. August 23 morning, the 84-year-old Liu Yimin to new legal newspaper reporter told she had to pick up the lost with love better. ? Drawn the short straw sweep streets for a living ? After learning Ganzhou Zhanggong a 84-year-old, has more than 10 abandoned babies for adoption, to help raise more than 30 people on behalf of the children's story, the reporter mood can not be calm. 23, the reporter came to the home for the elderly in his later years Ganzhou Tim Li health hospital. ? See the new Legal News reporter, Liu extended a pair of Italian democracy movement calloused hands and shook hands. Why talk about orphans,tn requin pas cher, Liu Yimin said it was from talking about his personal life. ? In 1927, Liu Yimin was born in a farmer family Nankang Tang Town, abandoned by their parents because of a poor family in the street, but fortunately by a pair of well-meaning wife. 8 years old, parents died, her son was sent to the parents of a child bride creditors belongings repossessed. After suffering because they can not bear the beatings her husband, 24 years old, Liu Yimin to her husband filed for divorce and moved to Ganzhou. ? In the introduction of others, Liu Yimin greater than themselves, and a ten-year-old married man, her husband hard labor, sweep their own streets, both dependent as partners. However, in her 60 years old husband sick leave, Liu Yimin picked up the broom again, juggling. ? Pick up the lost with love beautiful ? In 1998, an old lady in the eastern suburbs of the road picked up a baby, paid entrusted to Liu Yimin behalf of the support. Less than a month, the old lady died,V911CjWsE0, paid only $ 5 for services rendered. ? The little girl looked lovely face, Liu Yimin determine their own upbringing. A year and a half later, the child was adopted a couple Gian. ? Liu Yimin told reporters sit there straight fingers,veste canada goose, she Zhanggong jar Lane lived for 20 years, decades, she gradually adopt more than 10 abandoned babies, but also to help keep people on behalf of more than 30 children. ? 23 afternoon, the reporter went to inquire about Mr. Liu jar lane all the way past the familiar neighbors have her thumbs, she boast good kind-hearted people. A neighbor, said Liu Yimin is a full-duty adoption abandoned orphans solitary fellow, and someone picked up the baby on the way, but also willing to send that Liu Yimin, the child to her, always get good care. ? Once, Liu Yimin picked up a baby when street sweeping, after home and found the baby body skin ulcers. Because no money to see a doctor,canada goose solde, Liu Yimin go out on their own to collect herbs,5SyM13MbGA, grind after a good dressing in girls who, in her careful care, baby skin diseases can be cured. ? "What 's what I give." Liu Yimin said with a smile, though the family was poor,How About Study French Langua, but she had abandoned orphan adoption never mean. ? Because the policy does not allow, Liu Yimin the adopted child, and later the local government have arranged to orphanage,M8DsznHePh, only one girl my side. ? This year 27-year-old Liu Ling, Liu Yimin is to be single-handedly brought the abandoned baby. "My mother really hard in my entire life, from dawn to dusk just to that point meager living." Liu Ling new Legal News reporter, said the family source of income is $ 40 a month to clean the road and government-issued guaranteeing payment of $ 80 . Three in the morning every day, my mother came in to sweep the streets, clean garbage. Regardless of wind and rain, she always insists on sweeping from head to Hong Mei Lane. ? From time to time nagging "Not One Less" ? A plastic bottle, a waste paper was thrown away ...... these items, Liu Yimin seem baby, she collected them, change clothing socks,E8vvv3oV65, food, raising children grow up. ? In 2009, 82-year-old Liu Yimin still carried the habit of collecting waste, once in the collection of a Simmons pad in the wire,GRvVyxNbOU, the spring is ejected injured, resulting in the legs and feet with limited mobility. The same year,Q7Gg2v7Ls0, she was the hospital diagnosed with dementia. ? In December 2010, she was hospitalized because of acute gastroenteritis, during when she fell out of bed and go to the toilet, causing fractures, paralyzed in bed. After one week of hospitalization, Liu Ling daughter by application to the Civil Affairs Bureau Zhanggong help her settle in Ganzhou Tim Li health hospital. ? A lifetime of hard work, man's greatest wish is to bring those children had to come see her. In conversation with reporters, Liu Yimin talking about from time to time: "I kept a lot of kids, many have left me a long time, I wish I could see them, one less ah ......" ? Every time I finish, she will Hehedexiao up. It is seen by the pain and suffering of Liu Yimin, though vague consciousness, but she can not forget that he had been adopted for each child. ? "Not One Less" Such a simple word, but devoted a deep love for the elderly. ? text / Chart reporter Chen Hongming Xu Jianping ? Welcome to comment I want to comment ?Microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (edit: SN026)
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Some people ask themselves doing work experience, an unemployed male lip that he is the Director of Development and Reform Commission, actually did not expect so many people in awe. So he simply take advantage of this fictional name of the first embodiment of fraud, three women have cheated 800,Chaussure louboutin pas cher,000 yuan. Even more incredible is that the man is actually too deep into the drama,Chaussure louboutin pas cher, at home can not get rid of the false role,scarpe mbt, but also to the Director of itself, even into the police station, but also put the Commissioner style, he said police arrested the wrong man. Correspondent Zhao Xiang Qin Gongxuan Modern Express Reporter Tao Weizhou Mahjong Profile acquainted "Director of Development and Reform Commission" Citizens of Nanjing Ms. Wong has retired, she likes nothing else close to home entertainment gear Mahjong Time. Two years ago, she became acquainted with the man Ding Mou file mahjong. Who play cards every shot is very generous, one asked Ms. Wong,scarpe mbt outlet, that this person actually was a Director. Although I do not know what exactly is the Director Ding this unit, but Ms Wong observed, Ding Mou each week come mahjong file once, but mahjong profile and are very familiar with him, but it is very respectable. Accordingly, Ms. Huang Ding feel certain that the Commissioner certainly not simple. One to two to go, Ms. Huang and Ding Mou exchanged contact details, plus often play mahjong, six months after Ms. Huang Ding mouth from that, it is the Director of Jiangsu Province Development and Reform Commission, is responsible for the operation of enterprises under the genus. Followed by "The Director" Investment 500,000 ducks and drakes Day two years ago, Ding seemingly inadvertently revealed Miss Xiang Huang, Provincial Development and Reform Commission is currently financing a loan for a business subordinates, if you can invest in, end of the annual interest rate is 15%. Get the news, he asked Ms. Huang Ding, can also throw yourself a little. Ding began to show a very difficult, but to see Ms Wong said a few times, then "reluctantly" agreed down. However, Ding is required, a minimum investment of less than 50 million, and will be paid within six months to cobble together. So Miss Huang sold a house a home, will cobble together the money handed over Dingmou hands. Ding told Ms. Wong, two years after the return of the money together with interest. Two years passed quickly,, Ding is also the same, comes once a week mahjong file, but Ms Wong money, but never mentioned. Ms Wong a little anxious,, asked Ding Mou. Ding said that the unit of this fund-raising project was checked above,, and now the money and no one dared move, take some time to refund the money, interest is definitely gone. Investment boondoggle,karen millen sale, Ms. Wong will be suspicious. Asked a friend to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission for a check, there is no Ding this number of people. Aware of fooled, Huaihai Road, Nanjing Ms. Wong immediately to the police station. Too deep into the drama, also played home After receiving the alarm, police will be brought back to the police station for questioning Ding Mou. However, Ding still put on a police station in the Commissioner style, repeatedly stressed that he is the Director of the provincial Development and Reform Commission, the police arrested the wrong person. Until the police come up with evidence, expose the lies of the Ding Mou, he confessed everything down. Original, Ding just a vagrant. When the time to file mahjong playing cards, asked their work units, he said he was the Director of lip service. Let Ding unexpected is the brand faithful have believed him, but also for his respect for me. Commissioner claiming a long time, slowly Ding Mou also self-anesthesia, and feel really Commissioner, even go home with the family say he is Director. "I think too deep into the drama of their own, can not distinguish reality and a lie." Ding Mou account, after which he took advantage of the "Development and Reform Commission Director" in the title, starting from the different people who get money. In addition to Ms. Wong, he also cheated two other women a total of 30 million. Currently, Ding Mou on suspicion of fraud by the police criminal detention, the case is still under investigation. ? Editor: Sun Ailin SN146
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Students high of a home leave,,moncler homme, is not expected to bring back random pet dog was "buckle", even trying to hold high a puppy out of the airport control area. Yangzi Evening News reporter yesterday from Nanjing Airport Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that, due to the high of a forced "checkpoints", according to administrative penalties. ? Puppy hidden in the bag in through customs ? In the afternoon around 2:30, a high ride Asiana Airlines flight OZ349 punctual arrival Nanjing Lukou International Airport, fearing to bring their own dog will be found airport inspection and quarantine personnel, they will carry their own dog into the hand bag,nike air max 90, walked through customs without reporting channels. Just then, I heard a dog barking so that high-Lule Xian. Quarantine officers asked him to show the dog's health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination. Then a high-produce the relevant certificates, quarantine officers carried out inspection, and the dog had a medical examination. ? Forced to pass through the fine of 2,000 yuan ? Quarantine officers told a high, puppies must be sent to the designated animal quarantine field a seven-day quarantine. At this time of emotional high of a sudden up,, quarantine officers while he was not looking, actually picked up the dog,, rushed out of the inspection and quarantine office,piumini woolrich outlet, and would like to take advantage out of the airport control area. Being on duty at the outlet of screeners seeing this, immediately stepped forward to stop,peuterey sito ufficiale, followed by quarantine officers and airport police patrol arrived in time, the high of a stop. Due to the high of a portable animal behavior constituted a deliberate evasion of entry inspection and quarantine, and the circumstances are more serious. According to "People's Republic of China Animal and Plant Quarantine Law" regulations, be punished by a higher administrative fine of 2,000 yuan, carrying pets still require seven days of isolation. ? Pets immigration provisions ? Inspection and quarantine staff said, China's entry is limited to the type of pet dog or cat, and each carries a limit per person. After guest arrival, inspection and quarantine institution shall or customs declaration, for entry formalities pets. When the formalities,, passengers must provide a valid quarantine certificate of the exporting country or territory issued by the official animal quarantine, as well as proof of rabies vaccination, an injection of international standard electronic chip or to provide valid identification. The field quarantine,, inspection and quarantine agencies responsible pet will be transferred to the designated quarantine places a 30-day quarantine. Pets need of isolation during the corresponding test items, isolation and quarantine inspection expiration pet pet quarantine entry process is completed. ? Correspondent Wu Yun Yang Yangzi Evening News reporter Xue Ling ? Extension & gt; & gt; & gt; ? ? ? Lukoujichang has "companion animal quarantine" ? Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, in Nanjing Lukou Inspection and Quarantine recently opened a special place, as a companion animal in Nanjing Port Entry Quarantine. March 28 this year, the new "companion animal quarantine" was put into use on the same day ushered in the first batch of "guests" - from Osaka,doudoune canada goose,, Japan Shiba Inu and Scottish Fold each one. At present, Nanjing Exit Inspection and Quarantine introduced 7 + 23-day quarantine for all dogs and cats in Nanjing port of entry,, namely seven days isolation field isolation,, and 23-day home quarantine. ? (Original title: When returning to visit with a pet dog to force entry quarantine "checkpoints" to be punished)
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Top floor balcony fire,,nike air max 90, but also the remains of a house tenants cardboard fireworks within unaware cell Southeast Network February 12 News ? Yesterday 7:00 pm, Cangshan District, Fuzhou Lanting Xintiandi district,, Building 26 on the top floor balcony 18 floors on fire,, fire causes suspected fireworks, sparks ignited the balcony debris. Firefighters rushed to the scene and found no water district fire hydrant, water transfer pumping station only from the cell, put out the fire in an hour. ? Yesterday, 19:30, reporters in Lanting Xintiandi district saw 26 Building 18 floor balcony jump up out of the flames. Cordoned off the scene,, firefighters are extinguishing, the scene has a lot of onlookers residents. ? "When firefighters arrived on the scene and found no water hydrants within the district had diversion from the cell pump room fire." Zhang said area residents do not know how the property is usually managed. If there is water hydrants,hogan outlet, fire earlier and may be controlled. Afterward, the reporter repeatedly call a cell phone to contact the property 24 hours, as of 9:30 last night,air max 90 pas cher,, I have no answer. ? Area residents said that before the fire, the district was fireworks,, fireworks may be Mars, ignited debris on the 18th floor balcony. Reporters saw the building 16 near the open space district, a few have actually placed after the fireworks. ? "This is a sub-rent, about 75 square meters,barbour Soldes, which lived three, on the balcony of that family was not at home." Mr. Ban said the residents, more staggering is that the balcony fire, the other residents of this room unaware until firefighters knocked on the door,,canada goose pas cher, they realized that the balcony fire. ? 20:00, the fire was controlled,, the balcony was still emitting bursts of white smoke, fire fortunately caused no casualties. ? (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Kun Lin Wen / Chart) ?(Edit: SN082)
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Data for Yangcheng Evening News reporter Luo Ping ? "Although I am now a prisoner,allungamento capelli milano, but surgery negligence become like this, I still have the right to sue against the right to a healthy person." 35-year-old inmate Zhang Moufeng in Baoding prison for nearly five years, but its normal time served less than two months, "the storm" has been more than four years in the prison hospital. During the prison, an accident of medical malpractice, became his life's pain: to hospitals outside the prison removed kidney disease, but, in an interview with the preoperative examination, part of the penis cut function severely damaged. ? Himself was suspected of excessive medical treatment and loss of fertility, Zhang Moufeng under anger, a paper Lawsuits arising from either the hospital to court and claims more than one million. Up to five years in medical malpractice accountable,extension a clip naturel, even though both doctors and patients through Hebei province and municipal levels, Medical Malpractice, but prisoners, prisons, hospitals and their constituents should bear any responsibility, there is still no judicial conclusion. Baoding prison hospital a responsible person, unheard of prisoners sued the hospital, this is the first from the "atypical" Medical Disputes over the years he encountered. ? A ? ? ? Prisoners nephropathy: Kidney hospital recommended pick ? Hulan County, Heilongjiang Province, Zhang Moufeng origin. 30 years old in May 2010, only a primary school education, he is due in Langfang City, Hebei commit robbery and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison court. July 2010, Zhang Moufeng in Baoding prison during the thirteen jail soon transferred into the prison supervisor district transformation from the team. ? Shortly after the prison area, Zhang Moufeng feel right side back pain, and the pain at the site has more than 8 years. Because of family difficulties, it has not been a regular examination and treatment. Subsequently, Zhang Moufeng apply to prison hospital examination, diagnosis conclusion is: the right side of the lower back pain 8 years, adding more than in January. Then film examination, concluded that "severe hydronephrosis." ? To further diagnose the cause, Zhang Moufeng party has been sent to prison Baoding People's Liberation Army 252 Hospital, First People's Hospital of Baoding and Baoding First Central hospital, three hospitals were diagnosed with severe hydronephrosis, recommended to the hospital for surgery removal of kidney disease. ? December 8, 2010, approved by the leadership of Baoding prison, in prison custody officers Zhangmou Feng Liu, surnamed Yan, accompanied by the captain, sent to a third hospital in Baoding are prepared to do the right kidney surgery. After hospitalization for End procedures, Baoding third hospital initially diagnosed as: 1, left kidney and left renal pelvis ureteral mild hydrocephalus. 2, kidney severe hydronephrosis, due to unknown causes. ? Zhangmou Feng said that he sent to the Baoding third reason for hospital surgery, because of limited hospital inside the prison conditions. In case of major illness or need surgery, general inmates will be sent to prison outside large hospital, Zhang This argument has been a prison hospital in Baoding a responsible person surnamed Hou confirmed. ? According to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter to master the medical records show, December 20, 2010, the Third Hospital of Baoding Zhang Moufeng cystoscope ureter, renal pelvis intubation, retrograde angiography. The hospital said the purpose of the inspection is to identify the cause. And this argument, Zhang Moufeng has denied that the checks referred to simply unnecessary. It is this difference between the two sides of "cystoscope" examination, leading to the subsequent medical malpractice. ? Preoperative examination: initiation "Check Trauma" ? Zhangmou Feng said December 20, 2010, in Baoding third hospital day surgery, Dr. Yu Xing represents a give him a "retrograde ureteral angiography." The purpose is to look inside the bladder without stones, let him directly on the operating bed. Next, the doctor in their penile hit a needle anesthetic, with a ring thickness of metal tube inserted into the urethra, the result of three inserted repeatedly failed to succeed. ? "I have a very tough battle pain during the operation, it could not bear the pain, I asked the doctor to stop and then insert a metal pipe." Zhang Moufeng recalls that when he reluctantly up from the surgical bed, and asked Dr. Yu Xing can not do this check do nephrectomy, the other answer is "can." Get this feedback, Zhangmou Feng said he was very angry: Since this examination can not surgery, then why the hospital insisted that he do? ? Later, Zhang Moufeng said that he was brought captain surnamed Yan Baoding prison toilet to urinate when many first blood in urine, and then the urine. After a short break to relieve themselves back to the ward,, when the return again the restroom, but it is difficult to discharge, the doctor then got a catheter. The next day, Zhang Moufeng of penile severe swelling, Seeing this situation, the doctor will be allowed to take him to the dressing room on the operating bed, the swelling organ sites in a number of cutting knife, "said the doctor is out of water, the operation It is also pain. " ? December 23, Zhang Moufeng said the prison hospital,, in consultation with the third hospital, the first back to the prison hospital for anti-inflammatory treatment, to be treated better check before making a trauma surgical removal of the kidney. Back to the prison hospital, which has been in hospital transfusion, but until December 29 the condition still did not improve. Seeing this,, the proposed return to the prison hospital to continue treatment hospital in Baoding third examination trauma. Back to the third hospital, the doctor said Zhang Moufeng first with a pair of scissors, cut the penis necrosis site. Then hospitalized for nearly a month, he was back to the prison hospital inpatient continue every three days to a third hospital dressing. ? Difficulty urinating due to recurring, in April 2011, Zhang Moufeng to a third hospital "cystostomy." At this time, the Third Hospital of Baoding asked to make their own recovery urethra three to six months, or when do check according to "urine leakage" occurs given treatment. But then again every six months, Zhang Moufeng not only failed to remove kidney disease,, but also because preoperative cause urethral stenosis can not urinate properly. His penis cut off part of the site due to defects caused by a month to be replaced stoma catheter once. ? Statistics show that medical treatment, between check "cystoscope" Zhang Moufeng preoperatively and frequent hospital and removed the prison hospital,, directly or indirectly led to the "Check the trauma." Zhang Moufeng hospital to do before surgery, "cystoscopy", whether the patient is informed and agrees to become a major doubt. Reporters learned that a signing time is December 20,, 2010 of "cystoscopy agreement" within the mentioned check for possible 6 "complication": unsuccessful catheterization, urinary tract infection, ureter penetrating urinary fistula. ? Agreement otherwise stated, the patient's family and once informed consent cystoscopy, these complications, doctors and hospitals appear after checking does not assume financial compensation and legal liability. Families signature signed "Zhang Moufeng" but did not fingerprinted. Or for the authenticity of this agreement is written up after, Zhang Moufeng it has not been confirmed; instead reporter tried to verify this Baoding Third People's Hospital, the hospital but was turned down. ? C ? ? ? The two sides dispute: whether "overtreatment" ? Zhangmou Feng said, the hospital did its cystoscopy retrograde ureteropelvic contrast, under his questioning, the doctor responded that no necessity, can be considered excessive medical treatment. The hospital said in order to clarify "the right kidney with severe water" cause, as this check is not inappropriate. In case there are serious differences in the understanding of each other, both commissioned by Baoding Taipei District Health Board in 2013, it has made Hebei Baoding Medical Association and the Medical Association has made the provincial and municipal levels Malpractice. ? Yangcheng Evening News correspondent reports from two Malpractice book was informed that the Third Hospital of Baoding impact statements based on the patient's condition, "the kidney serious water of unknown cause," admitted to hospital. For medical practices behind the series, conclusions agreed that: after the hospital admitted Zhang Moufeng For greater certainty hydronephrosis reason to preserve kidney patients, the medical side select cystoscopy retrograde pyelogram, in line with medical practice is not inappropriate; in when cystoscopy, found that patients with iatrogenic urethral injury, appeared penis edema, urinary extravasation, the hospital is also proper and timely disposal of drainage. ? On the other hand,capelli corti, prisoners penis are damaged, there is a certain causal relationship with iatrogenic urethral injuries in the hospital when the patient cystoscopy caused by the improper operation of the medical side of the renal pelvis and ureter angiography cystoscopy process; moreover,, Hebei Medical malpractice report issued by the mention: patients due to special status, back to prison to prison insisted observation and treatment (up to 6 days), the third leading hospitals lose the best timing of treatment, resulting in a series of follow-up treatment, not avoid in patients with a corresponding sequelae. ? In summary, two medical evaluation reports have concluded that both medical dispute constitutes tertiary level medical malpractice, medical side negative secondary responsibility. Above conclusion, Zhang Moufeng and their families do not agree, said Hebei Province, the city of two appraisal report Medical Association,extension cheveux naturel, to the hospital suspected of partiality. In addition, the report sets out the hospital only negative secondary responsibility, and who bear the main responsibility for the subject is not clear. "I was sentenced the prisoners, unlike the ordinary people so free treatment, prison officers are to be brought back to take home. Check the trauma occurs and delay in treatment time, which do not want me I bear the main responsibility?" ? Faced with opposition, Baoding Medical reply Yangcheng Evening News reporter, he said: Hebei Province and municipal appraisal report is admissible in the case so that both doctors and patients paid all the materials, inviting expert group on the principle of withdrawal, with the medical disputes been fully discussed. This conclusion has a professional and authoritative. However, it admitted, if the parties are still not satisfied after suffering to the court, can legally authorized agency to identify qualified, do "medical fault identification." Whether it belongs to the "excessive medical" depends on judicial decisions. ? When Zhang Moufeng jail, only 30, has not yet married. It refuses to accept two appraisal reports, one of the reasons to the court proceedings because of trauma preoperative examination, or has caused the loss of their own fertility, are deprived of the right to life of ordinary people enjoy. In this regard, the appraisal report in 2013 in Hebei Province medicine will be given a special mention, Zhang's this saying "the lack of objective information basis, can not be identified." Recommendation Provincial Medical Association proposed further hospitals need to continue treatment for Zhang Moufeng himself. ? D ? ? ? Plaintiff: Million spiritual compensation ? Mid-2014, was sent to prison in Baoding Zhang Moufeng Western Hospital, removed the kidney disease. But the trauma left by checking "urinary leakage" consequences, since with him. Since jailed nearly five years, since 2010, medical malpractice, Zhang Moufeng stayed in the prison hospital, he could not like other inmates as normal sentence. He was looking forward to participate in work, good performance might be able to advance the commutation of prison, but the body does not allow. ? Today, a yellow plastic pipe from urination Zhang Moufeng navel inserted, leading to bladder area. Xiangshangcesuo met, he took out the need to urinate standing pipe, etc. urine trickled slowly dropwise. Zhangmou Feng said after a limited return to prison conditions, his day by eating conventional medicine to alleviate physical pain. And he was the most unspeakable lies in his penis,, "I do not know how to say this, seriously think about it, I told the television show 'father' there a difference?" ? Last May, according to Zhang Moufeng two Hebei Medical Malpractice Medical Association,extension prezzi, commissioned attorney will prosecute to the Third Hospital of Baoding Baoding Taipei District People's Court. Its attorney Huai Jun, said the court in August to the final acceptance of the case. The indictment, Zhang Moufeng drafting of two claims: compensation due to medical malpractice plaintiff about 20 million; pay the plaintiff mental compensation of 100 million. Zhangmou Feng said that their future released from prison, the biggest problem is marriage, due to the current bear tremendous mental pressure, it is proposed one million mental damages. ? Their attorney said that as a Prisoner Zhang Moufeng although deprived of some rights, but the right to life and health remains intact, protected by law shall be inviolable. ? For two Hebei Medical Malpractice report, the Third Hospital of Baoding as the defendant acknowledged the "secondary liability" conclusion, but would not elaborate on the specific admissions process. ? March 21, reporters from Baoding Taipei District Court noted that the current court based on material submitted by both parties, identified two focal points: First, the plaintiff Zhang Moufeng so times the amount of loss caused by medical malpractice and according to the court is investigating ; second defendant Baoding third hospital, how should bear the liability problem that the proportion of shared responsibility. ? Luo Ping ? (Original title: inmate before nephropathy admission preoperative examination has changed male root portion is cut)
add to favorites because compared to the material life $ 50,000.00
BEIJING, Kunming, July 1 (by Hu voyage and Chloe Zhao) Recently,,woolrich sito ufficiale, the 93-year-old war veterans beside a public toilet in Kunming Chen Shilin dwelling 30 years raised the issue of social concern. With the help of caring people, the Chen Lao on June 30 successfully move out of the dark hut next to the toilet, was admitted to Kunming educated youth apartments for the elderly. 1,air max pas cher, the reporter walked into the youth apartments for the elderly, visited Chen Lao apartment new life. ? In the morning, when reporters came to the apartment,, Chen Lao just after breakfast was leaving to go next to the Grand Park slipped bend, the staff would take advantage of Chen Lao breakfast of their time to help clean the room. ? Following Chen's "new home" in the apartment of self-care area, is a standard room with a small balcony, in addition to tables and chairs beds and other furniture, there is a color TV. Volunteer to Chen Lao covered with new bedding, but also carefully hang mosquito nets. The most precious Chen Lao reading "War Heroes" on the ribbon was brought over, hanging on the wall. ? That to the media after the visit, Chen Lao neighbors screaming around us, they told reporters, Chen Lao do not sleep at night, burning the midnight oil to watch TV, too loud wake everyone. "But we are not angry with him at breakfast, Dafan gave him two." ? Chen Lao hear everyone in the side of the "report",, shyly she laughed. He quietly told reporters, "because the first day of the move to the apartment, so excited, how can not sleep." ? "Leaving the place of residence for over thirty years, to a strange environment, some really not used to," said Chen Shilin, the environment here is much better than the original, but also very easy life, he will get used to it. ? Old Chen moved into apartments for the elderly is the most fun apartment is also home to several of the veterans. Youth apartments for the elderly, vice president Wang Jinfeng, told reporters in youth apartment is also home to five other veterans of the war, the first day of Chen Lao arrived, volunteers and staff took him 11 "confessed pro." Among them, in April this year,nike air max 90, Liu and Chen Shilin moved in the same year in the army soldiers, "Now after a considerable better understanding,, the old hash discuss where to play together." ? Wang Jinfeng said that because Chen Lao just moved into the apartment, coupled with its independent character,, so to arrange themselves in the area. In addition to the elderly need to wash your own underwear,,woolrich outlet, shoes and socks, the other by the staff to take care of. "Chen Lao future life, will do everything to take care of the apartment." ? After the saddle before the horse has been arranged with the help of Chen Lao Wu Siqi new home caring people told reporters, Chen Lao nursing home stay all paid for by the volunteer Sun crown burden. Now, there are many caring people are reaching out to the Old Chen, Chen Lao life enough to live comfortably. ? "But I hope more people to care for veterans to join the action in the past, so they really feel at home,, because compared to the material life,piumini woolrich, these veterans need is actually spiritual respect and care," said Wu Siqi . ? War veterans Chen Shilin,, 60 years ago, has been with the unique "hear the wind" ability to kill enemy territory pseudo-mayor of Wuhan. End of the war, left the army, he worked at the battery factory in Kunming, millions of households connected to the lamp. But for up to 30 years time, Chen Shilin are dwelling in Kunming next to a public toilet in the dark hut. Recently, caring people Wu Siqi learned that living conditions of the elderly, combined with the community to help the elderly to move out of the hut next to the toilet, was admitted to the apartments for the elderly. (Finish) ? (Original title: 93-year-old public toilets next to Kunming dwelling war veterans moved into the nursing home)
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Microblogging heat transfer: ? Buy cheap drugs have to squat down ? The industry said the same supermarket ? Pharmacies Secret: ? Cheap drug profits low, manufacturers no longer produce ? Recently, a microblogging heat transfer on the Internet: "A pharmaceutical Grandfather said, go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, be sure to squat down drug stood within sight of all the high commission, the general effect of good medicine in the following in mind. live, squat down! " ? Within a few days time, this microblogging forwarding amount online on more than 40,000 times. 6, the reporter visited the urban area of Chongqing nearly 10 pharmacies and found that many pharmacies do have this unspoken rules: selling the most expensive drugs,WASHINGTON, often occupy the best position of the shelf, and inexpensive drugs, usually placed an inconspicuous place in the corner of the frame medicine. ? [People] do not squat down to buy medicine diet ? 6, the reporter to cough a little cold on the grounds that a number of pharmacies were visited Chongqing. Reporters visited a total of nearly 10 largest drugstore Liberation Monument,polo ralph lauren, a feature also found: in place above the counter medicines prominently relatively high price, and placed under the counter of the cheaper drug, the memory of twelve yuan a box drugs almost disappeared. ? This year 60-year-old Ms. Jia is a hypertensive patient, every day taking antihypertensive Spirit, Aspirin and other drugs. She told reporters, before buying aspirin enteric-coated tablets only 1.8 yuan per bottle, a bottle of 100,so with Peking University students and the community to communicate., enough to pay for three months. But every time I go to pharmacies to buy,lottery community organizations once a year to determine who the next years car can be parked in the area, the clerk always recommended to her place at the top of another box Aspirin, a box of only 10 pieces, but to sell into their sixties yuan. "1.8 yuan per bottle to buy cheap aspirin enteric-coated tablets, each time asked the clerk, she reluctantly turned out from the bottom of the counter prescription drugs." Ms. Jia said. ? 6 pm,or may have just hit a few only., reporters at a drugstore observed over 20 minutes, a total of five people come to buy medicine. They are all under the leadership of the clerk buy cold medicine, four people bought clerk recommended shelf price is higher medicine cold medicine, the reporter, "Why not take a look at drug that frame below the" question, their answer They are: There are no medicines to squat habit. ? [Secret] only pharmacies, supermarkets, too ? 6,Chaussures louboutin, in Chongqing pharmaceutical retail industry, including more than ten years, Mr. Ho told reporters, the cheaper drug placed in the following, which has long been "an open secret in the industry." He said the display of goods is a science, in general,scarpe mbt outlet, look into the line of sight within three meters of the place, known as the golden section line of sight, drugs placed in this position is the most likely to be seen and purchased by consumers. ? Ho told reporters, selling cheap drugs are basically not making any money,let students have been admitted but not go to work as soon as possible the workplace., dealers are reluctant to recovery, once expired will bear the loss only by pharmacies. And after the price of your drug sale profits much larger pharmacies, shopping guide staff also have a higher commission. "The clerk of the basic salary plus commission income, from the sale of this achievement to mention expensive drugs, recommended expensive drugs is very natural." ? He also said the unspoken rules not only apply to pharmaceutical retail, supermarkets and other fields also apply. "Do not believe you try to go to the supermarket to buy toothpaste, toothpaste only sell the most common twenty-three yuan, it is the last cell in the shelf." ? [Back] ? Cheap drug does not produce the low profits ? 6,KQEeEuEG1a, the person in charge of a pharmacy reluctantly told reporters that they have been operating more than 90 kinds of cheap drugs. Now,this tree nest there, however, cheaper drugs do less and less, because the procurement of low-cost drugs is not optimistic. ? According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 20 kinds of commonly used drug purchase cheap very difficult, frankly some manufacturers no longer produce. For example,tiffany bracciali,In recent years, he said, such as Hayao three fine of "dimensional skin cream" (fluocinolone acetonide), "Xiaoerkechuanning particles," Xian "Xiangju cold particles" and so on. In addition, over the past few common drugs, such as gentamicin, aspirin, oxytetracycline, chloramphenicol,polo ralph lauren, cotrimoxazole, a drug now become hard to find. "In the past commonly used penicillin, but a few cents; substitute amoxicillin later, the price of a box of 20 yuan; now is the dominant cephalosporins, a box of six seventy frequently," he said. pharmacy there is no way, because many manufacturers do not produce, they also can not sell. ? Reporter consulted Chongqing Municipal Food and Drug Administration. Staff said that staff recommend expensive drugs, cheap drugs pharmacy will be placed in the following, etc., are autonomous behavior pharmacies, Food and Drug Administration could not interfere. But he cautioned that the consumer before entering the pharmacy to buy medicine, it is best to understand clearly the drug to buy, do not believe Purchasing Guide recommended. WASHINGTON - ? (Original title: microblogging heat transfer: buy cheap drugs had squatted down to the supermarket industry, said the same pharmacy Secret: cheap low drug profits, the manufacturers no longer in production)
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He Xianjun special correspondent / Yue Yu Wen newspaper reporter / photo ? In the south side of the World Trade Center aunt to do cleaning work, most recently, she met a special suck thing: a father with less than two year old son to come here every time the toilet, insisted her son to urinate pull toilet hand washing pond. ? "Two weeks ago, the same thing happened five or six times, and advised Quanguo, too noisy fights, the other would not listen." Fang aunt very worried, and wondered, could not understand why the father and son to do this. ? Kids pee in the sink in the mall ? ? ? Half a dozen times in urine ? 64-year-old native of Jinhua square aunt, do cleaning this line for three years time. ? Within the WTO on the first floor of the hall,diuresis and other measures to maintain the vital signs, a man named "Ha your kids' sports park. Every time this father and aunt encountered both parties to the mall, are in play here. ? Fang aunt memories, Dad's the age of 30 up and down, high fat. The boy may be less than 2 years old, but will have to walk. ? Because the mall is not set on the first floor toilet, every child go to the bathroom, and my father would take the children on the second floor,urinating. Xinmin intern Zhan, while the second floor of the toilet just in the jurisdiction of the Party aunt. ? First seen in early August,the relevant applicable law can also "not sure.", a father holds the child, go out into the sink Tuoliaokuzi pee, finished also let the children stand on the stage wash pants, washstand was also dirty. ? I am a little surprised,Hebei Baoding people,mbt outlet, never encountered such," "sit tight" ...... the evening of December 3, quickly to stop that bad like this, going to pee in the urinal. ? But they do not listen, saying that this water are not used to drink, and I do not look in the mirror baby urine does not come out. ? I had no choice but to clean up again, think about maybe a day of bad luck, encountered such a thing, even if in the past. ? Unexpectedly, after that, the same thing happened again four or five times, he basically at night,Lee police officer on duty at the city stadium in the vicinity, sometimes with small children to play at noon, and then into a toilet, like the first, like, holding a child in washbasin pee. ? I really could not stand, and then he got into a fight, a lot of people hear voices, have come around to see. ? Another time, my grandmother was a child with children over, but also directly to the hand-washing pool pee. I stepped forward to stop, the children said the grandmother, urinal has been tried, the urine does not come out, only sink down. ? I really do not know what to say ah. ? Washbasin in all of urine ? ? ? Employees are afraid to wash boxes ? A mass ten,babyliss curl pas cher, hundred, this thing between the second floor of the mall shops spread, and we are very angry, I feel so very wrong. ? "Even if the children do not naive, you do a little civic-minded adults did not it?" A lot of people are saying. ? In addition,babyliss curl pas cher, the reporter also learned that many employees have to work at the mall comes lunch habits. After dinner, it will wash in the sink in the boxes. I know these things later, also a daunting here. ? "On several occasions after completion of urine, have not crossed the water, we can smell the smell of urine, how dare to wash boxes ah." Fang aunt said, she did the cleaning staff more than three years, and have never run into such a person. ? "There are many children in the following day, children playing in the park, on the toilet, they also never like this their home." ? Later, reporters found a mall security Ma. According to Mr. Ma said he has heard of this matter, but did not personally seen, "next time you see, before the meeting must stop." ? Let children urinate in the sink mall, this behavior they fit? ? We also made a random street mining, some people feel very much, others wash up place to urinate, not civic-minded too, "met,70 points, would call in the past." ? There are also new mothers say it to empathy,the latter broke his right leg., "Your child does not come out in the toilet lira, how do? Children will encounter a variety of emergency situations, sometimes, so you know what to do." ? Listen to the words of my father, it seems there are indeed difficulties: "The baby must be a mirror to pee." ? If so, explain the baby's father and mother of this habit needs to be done slowly to rectify. ? Less than two years old children naturally there is no right and wrong, and will not know what to do and what not to do, which is needed to guide the adults. ? Of course, as a new mother said,polo ralph lauren, children will encounter a variety of unexpected outside, if once in a while, maybe a lot of people can understand, after all,bracciale tiffany, this was an accident. ? But if the same situation again and again, it shows the parents really know what the situation will be out of the baby, if there is no way to correct the boy's behavior in the short term, it is not well in advance should "plan" or necessary ready, so instead of "go with the flow." ? This is also the parents' words and deeds as part ah.
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Often Decca and his dog Forbidden City West Gate Redwall corner, closed more than a dozen "big guards." Embolden the barking went over the wall mottled "Palace Museum canine team" numbers. Few Tibetan mastiff at the door, grinning,000 yuan treatment fee, shook the cage quivering. ? But the owner was not reprimanded, actually quite encouraged their guests to run wild. ? Imperial Palace security office because of their special work,babyliss pro perfect curl,2012 Yinchanggou resort many mudslides occur when Kay should only participate in the work more than 20 days, was also referred to as "the capital of the first security department," 53-year-old "guards Explorer" often Decca, is the founder of the National Palace security office dog team, responsible for the anti-dog work. ? He and his dogs keep the rest of your life Forbidden City. Whether it is "in uniform" or "car ride" and he would meet respectfully called out "often master." ? The roar like voice, picked up a white flag Manchu arm gesture, his mouth always hanging sentence "Dogs like people." When talked to rise, then it becomes a "man with a dog." Someone upset: "! How to speak it." He looked puzzled: "I usually dog training so." The other side and walked away, he stared unrepentant: "! Speak with people really cost thing." ? People called him "mad dog",to contribute to humanity. we all know that globalization, he laughed: "I work instructions in place." ? For dog training, apprenticeship often Decca to the vice squad,babyliss curl secret, the master told him: "dog trainer like brick kilns, all in the heat." Tsao understand: always use the penalty, scared silly, there is no personality; always reward , dog desertion, which is called "not fine art,Chaussure louboutin pas cher, anti-dog training." ? In order to tame the dog, he even consult books Republic of China, to find a lot of dog trainer cheats. ? Dogs do not understand the people thing, thanks to the careful guidance of old often. Chaye back every front door are arrayed neatly cat corpse. After some training, often hiding the old observation: the Wildcats came from under the nose, even a bunch of dogs do not smell the smell - often because the old kennel raised only civet cats. He once wanted to correct the dogs are "open defecation" problems, finally gave up, because "dog training a dog can not go against nature." ? Old dogs often bring out his hand, and all of them are "dogs in the special forces." ? 50 National Day military parade rehearsal at night, often with the old dog "run the width of the car," the Forbidden City wall patrolling German Shepherd "Princess" Suddenly an arrow to go forward. When arrived, the dogs have long circle, trapping the "want to go to Tiananmen Square along the wall to see the dress rehearsal," the university student. Old often calculated that: "At least five hundred meters ran out." ? In 2004 the National Palace three main hall renovation, night patrol the house, with the help of four dogs,a small lower body quiet, two Tsao forcing staff lost "stripping off underwear." He did not regret: "The new transfer over do not know, can not any written on the forehead, in case it has a gun!" ? In his view, people can not see through, it will slack, deceit, greed there. The dog will not, they are the emotions written on his face. "The dogs, happy to Sahuan gets angry growl, never disguise!" Chang old child, for example, "we humans, after falling in love and get married, what changes!" But there was a dog team on the "free love" dog couple, a full ten years, never red face, let eat at each other. ? Dog team has got a dog distemper, vet advised him to give up treatment,pregnant Chongchou 1.3 million yuan, only on home isolation. Within a week,Wang to the hospital, my mother used to call: "! Good dog disease" old often push the door, and the dog rushed to Sahuan. When he good meat stew, dog gone. Get full yard, saw Chaiduo side has piled new soil - it dug pit early, nest in which to die. ? "I see the side of death, supernatural." Old often grabbing the hair, "It's not completed primary school,etc. has not changed, I did not give it a name!" ? 24 years, often around dogs Decca has been updated five generations, each dog's departure made him pains. Now, the old habit often to the "new students" from the old name, often old favorite piece of "mastiff hit," countless exploits, and finally die of old age,babyliss curl secret, lying in bed, "it is like a peacefully asleep." Old is often desirable,polo ralph lauren, so every dog could leave him. ? "Mad dog" nickname well-deserved reputation, he squats on a dozen hours in the hot kennel, to be produced bitch birth. Training police dogs biting ability, he Dang Bazi, sometimes protective clothing bitten and covered in teeth marks. Recently, often spend time with Decca positive expansion kennel, give each dog to a "Bedroom." Disciples laments: "do not really like dogs, who can do this job!" ? Today, often Decca in Beijing dog circles is ringing people, even French experts came to the Forbidden City, and his exchange dog trainer mode. However, he and human exchanges, seems to "not smooth" the. ? Dogs often Linfair body odor heavier. Once, he and his wife go to the mall to buy air conditioners,in Taizhou Economic Development Zone office, sales performance in the introduction, when the hand has not let go of your nose. The son took the primary school exam score, expect him praise, he shot thigh shouted out: "! Good dog" ?Microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (edit: SN026)
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Crimping goods inside the plant demolished Coordinator: Express reporter Hua-ping ? written: Express reporter Yin Fu Yuliang Zheng Jun ? Incident, Longgang,, Shenzhen,, after the head of the village committee changed "may also be opened by mistake"; local police have been involved ? Recently, Ms. Ho said the report to the Express reporter, she was in the South Bay Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen Li Lang village opened the factory was demolished, the loss of tens of millions, and the village could not give a clear explanation. July 30, the Express reporter at the scene saw demolished, demolished the plant was "concave" shape collapse, many goods buried in the rubble, it is difficult to believe that the typhoons and other natural disasters. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the village committee, said it could be opened by mistake in an interview with reporters. Currently, local police have this investigation. ? Demolitions factory has 20 years of history ? The split-Electronics raw materials (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Health-company") construction has been 20 years of history. The factory owner Anke has over 60 years of age this year, usually during the day to work in Shenzhen, in the evening to return to Hong Kong to live. ? According to reports, in 1990, she serves as the original Baoan County Phuket Town (now Longgang District, South Bay Street) Li Lang village under the Economic Development Corporation signed a contract to rent 1400O land to build factories, the contract period from 1991 to 2041, total price of 168,000 yuan. In addition,, she also monthly by the actual number of work into the factory,doudoune moncler soldes, Li Lang village down the monthly pay of $ 100 per person and set up factories profits. ? Village and the developers have promised not to demolitions ? Anke According to reports, the 20 years the plant is working well,piumini woolrich sito ufficiale, her relationship with the local village is also more cordial, but last year the relationship began to deteriorate. "They said the local industrial zone wants to upgrade, I agree to the demolition of the factory." Ms Ho said that after the village to a payment plan, but because there is no communication in advance, so she did not agree. ? In this compensation scheme, property compensation is paid 80% of the original factory building, the other for financial compensation, a total of 13.5 million. "My place is 1400O,air max 90 pas cher, in addition to built 700 square meters of factory buildings, the left half Why can not lose it? There relocation,, rental fees and other places." Ms Ho said. July 2013, Shenzhen Li Lang Joint-Stock Company Mr. Li Lang village under Anke found again, asking them to sign the "consent demolition undertaking", but was not signed payment agreement with Anke refused again. ? In order to obtain "consent demolition undertaking" to promote the progress of land to be built, Lee Lang and co-developer of the company Shenzhen City Tze Sheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. on July 16 last year, he had signed a letter of commitment, commitment not previously signed an agreement with Anke, do not remove any property and construction Sang Hing company. ? Prior to the incident factory security is controlled ? Last July 19 morning 5:00, Lee Sang Hing company's security in his sleep by a huge car noise awakened, he got up to go out you can find that the factory has been water and electricity. Lee said, at this moment, suddenly rushed out of a dozen people surrounded him, threatening him not move, and he was locked up in a room. ? According to Lee describes, after he and a colleague are controlled from the other side to open a few more to come outside plant known locally as "machine guns," the truck, facing the demolition of the plant is the meal fierce, lasted nearly two hours. ? "Computer,, forklifts, what materials are buried in it." Lee said he was very worried but could do nothing. Later, he immediately informed the boss Anke. ? Local police have opened investigations ? After receiving the call, she serves local police immediately and rushed to the village committee discussion to say, Lee Long Joint-Stock Company under the head of the village committee expressed no knowledge. In a recording medium,louboutin femme,, the official also said that the plant was knocked down typhoon. ? July 30 morning, the Express correspondent and she serves once again to the local village to understand the situation. The village responsible person Li Long Joint-Stock Company responsible person said that the incident with the village committee and the company has nothing to do Lee Long before the incident,, they did not know. When pressed by reporters, the official said,hogan outlet, it may be co-developer Zi Sheng Fagong Division mistakenly removed due. ? Express reporter recently learned from Li Lang police station for the incident,, the public security organs to "damaging company property crime" investigation. ? & Nbsp; ?(Edit: SN146)
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Li Jia
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trainee newspaper reporter Wang Ying ? Taijiang Fujian People's Court recently heard a Medical dispute, an expectant mother was prescribed for 3 days after the stillbirth,, then the hospital will be taken to court. During the proceedings the Court of Justice with reference to law expert opinion, that the fetus by the umbilical cord to reverse the sudden and unexpected death is a kind of situation,, there is no direct causal relationship between the behavior of hospital clinics and fetal death, general negligence, shall bear the maternal 10% loss. ? Li Jia (a pseudonym) is a white-collar workers. March 1, 2013, Gilbert isolated in a hospital clinic that you are pregnant, and was told that the fetus due date for the year August 7. Because more than 30 years before the first child for the elderly early production yield, after Gilbert year from March 3 to leave the unit, he has been at ease child care at home,extension cheveux pas cher, according to your doctor at this hospital outpatient perinatal regularly checked. During this time, doctors told her and the fetus were normal, no abnormal clinical symptoms. ? August 12,, 2013, Reid was stopped by "40 weeks and 5 days." Because production has passed, yet to see signs of labor,extension capelli prezzi, Gilbert entered the maternity hospital to be produced. ? According to Gilbert's statement, the doctor told her to give birth in the absence of indications to the situation requires its way along the middle of labor, birth and asked her to sign the required medical documents. She followed her doctor's advice in case of lack of medical knowledge, the natural way of birth labor. ? Gilbert said at the time, she did not have clinical manifestations of birth, the doctor will be in the form of three consecutive days of drug oxytocin injection of oxytocin, in the three days there were signs of birth. Until the 18th month, the fetus has died in the womb can not determine birth, doctors remove only the implementation of caesarean section stillbirth. Based on this, Reid will be the hospital to court, claims for the loss of more than 20 million. ? Sued the hospital argued in court, Gilbert stated is not true. Doctor correctly diagnosed her condition, the treatment process specification. Stillbirth belonging to Gilbert own behavior or an unexpected result, there is no causal relationship between the hospital and clinic behavior. ? According to Gilbert commission from her husband, Fuzhou, a forensic corpse of Gilbert fetus was examined. Identification of the view that, to be identified because of fetal distress and death. ? Taijiang court upon application of the parties,capelli, also commissioned a forensic hospital for treatment if there are other aspects of the process of identification of medical mistakes. The forensic expert opinion issued by the view that in line with characteristics of fetal umbilical cord to reverse the result of intrauterine hypoxia and death. ? According to expert opinion, the umbilical cord is a kind of reverse sudden unforeseen circumstances, once the extent of reversing a serious obstacle to the umbilical cord blood, soon aborted. Umbilical cord torsion unknown causes, the current medical science can not yet detect early physiological changes. ? Therefore,, there is no direct causal relationship between the death and the hospital's diagnosis and treatment behavior fetus. However, the medical side of the umbilical cord torsion occurs during induction clearly underestimated,taglio capelli, but did not find the medical side of the matter has asked mothers during induction activities should pay attention to. Thus, the consequences of treatment between the behavior of the medical side of indirect causation fetal death, its participation is about 10%. ? Taijiang District Court that, based on the existence of an indirect causal relationship between the medical consequences of these actions related to hospital and son Gilbert's death, participation judicial expert opinion about 10%, 10%, that is the loss of Gilbert 6154.29 yuan hospital should be responsible for compensation, the loss borne by the rest of her own. ? Court also held that,, according to expert opinion,, in the event of an accident Gilbert production stillbirth,, hospital-based general negligence, the court combined with the case,extension capelli milano prezzi,, to determine the hospital should pay her moral damages solatium 10,000 yuan. Accordingly, the court ordered the hospital should be paid to the total cost of 16,154.29 yuan Gilbert and dismissed her other sue. ? (Original title: hospital maternity hospital to be produced stillborn sentenced to bear 10% loss)
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The teahouse gate crashed the vehicle. Beijing Times reporter Xu Xiaofan taken off view driver knocked passers situation. Beijing Times reporter Xin Chang Photo Jinghua Times News (Reporter Chang Xin) yesterday 15:36,, Lotus Pond Road Department of the Silver Star Mall near the south gate,,extension capelli, a Kia SUV after sudden acceleration when reversing the car hit a woman, followed by Kia into the roadside there are six high-level step of the restaurant stopped. Kia driver said he was wrong throttle when the brake causing the accident,,extension capelli prezzi,, traffic police called full responsibility. Doctors said the woman hit multiple rib fractures,allungamento capelli milano, liver bleeding, 8:20 last night, the woman died. ? 16:30 yesterday, the incident restaurant windows broken, the store table was severing doorstep remaining blood. Teahouse owner Mr. Zhao introduced the incident Kia is moving from the sidewalk in front of the restaurant parking spaces, sudden acceleration stepped onto the 6th floor restaurant before,, "was heard 'bang' bang,, crashed through the glass directly to the rear of the Kia burst into the shop Come". ? Mr. Zhao said he rushed out the door ? Kia car actually was found under a tummy women. "It was just from the woman through the rear,extension a clip, the tail directly Kia woman knocked on the steps." Chow said nearby residents. Multiple scene pictures show, after the impact, the woman lying motionless on the steps, after the male driver lifted the woman off the steps, chest and chin woman had blood. ? 120 ambulance then rushed the woman to hospital. Mr Tung said the driver, he was reversing the wrong throttle when the brake pedal was a result of the accident,, "It was really stepped wrong, I really regret ah." According to his wife introduced TUNG,,extension capelli clip, 65, is to have a driver's license old driver, "driver's license every time he would go to the audit and examination, I do not know today how the." Scene police investigation, he said after Mr TUNG bear full responsibility for the accident, in particular accidents still need further investigation. ? Last night around 6:30, the injured woman was admitted to Beijing Millennium Monument Hospital emergency room receiving treatment. Emergency Doctors said the woman chin and chest trauma, multiple rib fractures, the most serious liver bleeding, "we open a small hole in the stomach was found with blood." 8:20 last night, the woman died. ? (Original title: the wrong throttle as the brakes reversing driver killed passers-by) ? Edit: SN123
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Called "kissing gate" of video capture Online recently circulated a "kiss door" video is named, said male and female are online Shishi, Fujian started a middle school student. Two men kissing in public, spectators at the side made into a video. After the video to the web, causing users within 20 hours of nearly 90,000 multiple clicks. ? The video by the users' stewardess Q305111505 "sent to the Internet. "Brother lost the battle, lose very thorough, like the original,piumini woolrich outlet, brother and junior high school female students hand are afraid of it." "Stewardess Q305111505" message said. Although this is only a short video of 1 minute 20 seconds, but the two men kissing is very intense. The beginning of the video, long-haired girl lying on the desk, two people kissing, and then they got up,, then hugged and kissed on the desk, pushing a couple of girls. Then the third kiss appear next to the window, the girls leaning against the window,piumini woolrich, facing the camera do shy-like,, somewhat shy, but very active boys, grabbed the girl's body,hogan outlet, both of them hugged and kissed. ? From the video, put a textbook on the desk behind the background, two, written with cleaning tools "Health Corner" in the name, as well as a broom,, etc., there are even a TV. In the video, there are many students crowd around the two students in the video wearing white uniforms with blue collar,, you can see this video shot in a classroom of a particular school. And the picture of these two students kiss the age is not large. When users post a video, said the incident Quanzhou, a middle school, two students also looks like a junior high school students. ? After the video came out, talking about friends. A netizen after seeing the video, the two suspected picture Unlike the junior high school student, "or pupils it, really speechless. Children now why so bold, I'm 18 years old, these things do not dare." ? Afterward,, the reporter on the web at which two students suspected of Shishi City, Fujian Province who started a middle school student. In the middle school attached to it, and indeed there are many students in this hot video content. Many users would like this thing to blame on the school that such a thing is not good schooling. The User "blue Yan Yu" that: "Not all our students are so, this is a personal quality problem, it does not matter with the school,canada goose pas cher,, three years my junior high and high school,, never seen such a phenomenon." ? The video is so popular, has attracted so many onlookers. How the school will deal with two students? "Two students have been discouraging." Netizen "blue Yan Yu", said:. "In fact, what happened that day, the two schools have been discouraging" and someone broke the news, the two students kiss and the crowd of four students schools have been discouraging. "You can criticize them personally, but do not criticize the school. School Shooting onlookers even expelled four students together." "Evil white," he said. ? Friends said is true? Reporter October 31 to call the high school,woolrich outlet, probably because of the weekend reasons, there has been no one answered the phone. Castle how teachers treat middle school students this intimate behavior? Renmin Road Primary School third Dai told reporters: "Now the precocious children is widespread, and at puberty and generate goodwill among students is normal, but two students in the classroom to make such behavior is inappropriate, but discouraging. students not a good idea, because students might be curious and do such things,, should be more to guide on education. "
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Video loading, please wait ... AutoPlay & nbsp; play 71-year-old man PubMed ?Previous Next Kou Xuedong lectures in the classroom. Correspondent Zhao Chenshe Trainee reporter Zhu Jiaqi Zhang Zhao Chen Asia correspondent ? From this semester, Wuhan University, Faculty of Arts at the bus stop every morning 7:00 temples will see a gray old man, carrying ten kilograms heavy bag, take the school bus to go to law school classroom. At first, the students thought he was to teach the teacher, and later learned that the 71-year-old Kou Xuedong, PubMed deliberately went to Wuhan to rub Course. ? Because every day to law school lectures, the students love called Kou Xuedong to "rub lesson Grandpa" and Kou Xuedong prefer to call themselves "old school tyrants," "My ultimate goal is to test JD, when the school bully in the end! " ? Lying in the snow at night reading ? Yesterday, 13:00, 115 law school classroom in the last row, the reporter saw being careful reading Kouxue Dong. Reporters interview intentions show, the old man said: ".. Learning is the happiest thing can listen to the teacher in the university classroom, really is a wonderful experience." ? This year 71-year-old Kou Xuedong, born in 1941 in Dalian, Liaoning Province,babyliss pro perfect curl, is the home of the eldest of six brothers and sisters. "At that time, we really miss the book is not easy." ? Kouxue Dong said that as a child, due to the poor economic conditions at home, the parents sent him only one person went to school, with five brothers and sisters expect him more appreciative of the opportunity to go to school with books and time as partners, often reading until midnight. Once, kerosene lamps burn at home, and saw snow on the ground outside is enough to have three feet high, the snow moon shone especially bright, Kou Xuedong without thinking, then he jumped out of bed to go out of the house, lying in the snow watching from the books,, clothes are soaked,babyliss curl pas cher, they did not perceive. ? From primary to secondary, Kouxue Dong has been the first school,, the family proud of him, which also inspired his passion for learning. In 1960, Kouxue Dong admitted to the College of Harbin Electrical and professional, four years later, he was assigned to work in Hubei. From then on, he rooted Wuhan,, one thousand is 37 years. ? During the work, he gradually felt previously acquired knowledge is not enough, then planning the time before college. In 1998, the self-study began Kouxue Dong Economic Law of China University of Political Science, each semester, school textbooks and jobs sent to Wuhan. In his spare time he related knowledge,, self-study of economic law,, then the job will return to school. A year later, the school issued a certificate of completion. Although there is no diploma, but he believes that the learning process is a kind of harvest and enjoy. ? Wuhan University undergraduate reading after retirement ? Grandson to take him as an example ? In 2001, just retired from the unit Kouxue Dong enrolled in college classes lawyer Zhongnan University, studying law knowledge for almost all of his retirement, except for the occasional help of his wife doing the housework, the rest of the time is spent in the reading endorsement on. ? In 2005, he enrolled in the National Judicial Examination. Before the exam, a teacher said rate by only 5%, the class of the young students are deflated. Sure enough, the exam results announced out, only a few students, including including Kouxue Dong passed the exam. The results greatly encouraged Kouxue Dong, after which he was admitted to the Wuhan University law undergraduate through self-examination. ? In 2009, he was the "man in harmony with nature" in the title, completed the undergraduate thesis, and has been mentor Luigi affirmed. ? Luigi teacher in mind,, Kouxue Dong learning very seriously, often ask questions, writing is good,, the level of the paper is also very good. ? Luigi teacher said, and now many people to participate in the Self goes diploma, while Kou Xuedong not only learning seriously, but also less likely to choose to write papers "environmental law", "his goal is clear, is to learn, it is also worth those too utilitarian student learning. " ? Kouxue Dong told reporters that his body is very tough, until now, he still stick to their clothes, and often do housework. The health of his wife, children also have been admitted to the university and now are married. ? For Kouxue Dong went to university classes rub practice, the family were very supportive. Kouxue Dong said with a smile,Hollister Paris, outside Sun Ganggang junior high school, good grades, a child my mother would often take my grandfather for example, to teach children to learn. ? His happiness is learning ? "Most old school tyrants," the University of child idol into force ? Kouxue Dong, who lives Shuiguohu every morning to get up 5:30, 6:00 starting time, around 7:00 rushed to the school day to a maximum of 8 classes, from 8:00 am until 16:30. Noon Kouxue Dong lie on the classroom desk to take a break, a student dorm invited him to rest, he said:. "No, no,ralph lauren pas cher, like you do in high school is not like this, I am also early accustomed to." ? In the classroom, Kou Xuedong always sit in the last row, although the table stood a kettle,Chaussures louboutin, but in the classroom Kouxue Dong basic not drink, "I'm afraid the toilet affects learning of others." ? Rub the beginning lessons, the teacher had to worry about him getting old, too difficult to learn the law, advised him to give up altogether the idea of PubMed, read an old university, practice your calligraphy every day, playing the piano, chat, is the happy old age. ? But Kouxue Dong insisted the trial, and gradually worked out a set of "Memory Tricks": one day in advance prep, school adhere to taking notes, a month of classes down, his mind filled a whole notebook. Evening meal, and then during the day the notes out to study it again, sometimes in order to record a legal provision to the middle of the night can not sleep, so he simply picked up the book again back asleep until unknowingly. ? Reporters asked Kouxue Dong "You happy you"? Kou Xuedong hear smiling like a child, his definition of happiness is simple: to be able to take advantage of their own good health, good eyesight when more books to learn knowledge, made him feel useful. ? And students attending classes together Kouxue Dong Cao Ping said: "Seeing the elderly so hard for the dream and work, in addition to admire his power, but also a learning for young people." Classmate Zhang said: "Grandpa let us learn momentum many often late for class, she skipped school students are ashamed,, in the morning in bed struggling time, he thought, would instantly full of 'positive energy'! "
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Groom wearing a red helmet, riding on a bike was tied floats,, carrying the bride happy face. Metropolis Daily (microblogging) News & nbsp; (Reporter Zhu Zhaolin) groom a suit,, wearing a red helmet,extension capelli, riding on a bike was tied floats, carrying face happy bride (right),, followed by stretching several hundred meters cycling team ...... yesterday,, a bicycle team composed of next of kin through the city, "pocketed" keep returning. ? 9 o'clock yesterday morning, in Xiangyang stadium, more than 200 bicycles from Xiangyang Hanjiang River Bicycle Club of riding friends, dressed in colorful jersey, pink balloons hanging on a bicycle handlebar, under the leadership of the groom Chen Jie, the bride's family to ride away. ? Although not a luxury fleet, but a mighty fleet of bicycle so many people stopped to watch,, the sound of praise is all the way continued, "so romantic!" "Very creative,,extension prezzi, environmentally friendly and meaningful." ? Chen Jie groom Shiyan Zhushan people,,tissage cheveux, is the name of cycling enthusiasts. In 2002,extension clip capelli veri, he came to Xiangyang work in a bicycle outdoor sports, and the same hobby cyclists Wu Junlin met and fell in love. Subsequently, he and other friends set up bike riding club,tagli capelli corti, and opened a bike dealers,,/, Wu Junlin also very supportive of his work. ? Chen Jie said, because both were interested in the sport of cycling, the wedding, he told Wu Junlin negotiate with the bike next of kin. Posting in the forum to invite friends to come join ride, I thought the arrival of more than 200 riding friends. ? This romantic journey of happiness is about 60 km, after spending more than 90 minutes. Wu Junlin bride say, because both of them become attached to a bicycle, bicycle next of kin is very meaningful, and this is a way to promote low-carbon environment. ? ?Share: welcome to comment I want to comment ?Microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (edit: SN026)
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Gold Daily News (Reporter correspondent Zhou Defeng Shang Shuli) Recently, Yuhang police station received the alarm Pang master,mbt outlet, I lost my wallet, bank card 3,000 yuan less. Police video tracking, found a suspicious man stuck his head bandage, after the ATM machine in camouflage took away the money. Police got master Pang Pang is a recognized master Mayu gourmet. After police seized the gourmet. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ? Master Pang,ralph lauren pas cher, 62 years old, likes and friends in a card room near the head of the East Gate Street,, Yuhang mahjong. At 21:00 on May 12 and more, Pang master as usual,babyliss pro perfect curl,, about a few friends in the chess room mahjong. Gap,, he went to the toilet, at this time, Pang master on the body's lost wallet, then was seized. Pang master found after I lost my wallet did not care, more than 22 o'clock to go home. ? 9:00 the next day more, go to the bank fill Pang master card found over 3000 Cary even less. Pang master thought, must have been picked up yesterday and the guy took the purse, so, they reported to the police. ? Alarm, the police immediately and obtain a bank ATM machine monitor after discovery, at 21:29 on May 12,, a man with ABC card in this branch of the Agricultural Bank of Xixi removed 3,,louboutin femme,,000 yuan. Dumbfounding is the man to escape surveillance, deliberately posted two band-aid on the forehead, thinking that it will be able to deceive. However,polo ralph lauren pas cher, Pang is a recognized master of this man is with himself playing mahjong gourmet. ? Zhu suspect,, 51-year-old this year, and usually there is no decent work. Pang master because usually careless, often let others help him get money, so a lot of people know his bank card password. Zhu Pang and evening together playing mahjong master,, picked up after the toilet door Pang master card, so I deliberately dressed down to take, did not expect was to be found. ? At present, Zhu has been Yuhang police administrative detention, the case is being further processed. ? Edit: SN117
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People Daye July 25 electricity (by Huang Cheng Peng Wan) July 19, after the 18-year-old girl Daye Xiaoyun (a pseudonym) and friends, more than 12 o'clock at night, alone, to return to their rental, Unexpectedly, the stairwell encounter misfortune, a man was robbed, the man robbed her of 200 dollars, kidnapped her in rape. ? After the man committing the crime, go drink a bottle of wine, even once again returned to the scene, the second against girls want. Alarm, Daye Dongfeng Road police station quickly out of the police, the search will want to escape man Hwang captured. ? Of late, the girl was kidnapped grabbed his neck into the home, rape ? July 19 more than 12 o'clock at night, after eating supper and a group of friends, 18-year-old Xiaoyun, full of joy go on the way home. At this time, few pedestrians on the street, very quiet,, she crossed the alley,extension capelli lisci, walked toward his rental, completely unaware of the danger approaching. ? Daye live near Gan Bay district a sixth floor of the owners, she just went to the 5th floor, suddenly, a man from behind with his arm tightly ring live her neck, and she was wrestled to the ground. She Lianhan accident a few times for help, "then told, I was rude, I was robbery, reach the money and gold out." A big hand quickly covered her mouth. ? Xiaoyun is to cover your mouth and shook his head. "Do not give it, I'm your neck with a knife." Vicious man said. Xiaoyun seeing very afraid, from the bag and pulls out 200 dollars handed over to men. ? "Where do you live, there are other people do at home." Face man questioning, Xiaoyun honestly answered that he lives upstairs,, she lived it. ? After listening, man will Xiaoyun pull up, forcing her into the rental. By the house lights, Xiaoyun found the man wearing an orange mask, revealing only two eyes. See the rooms found in the house only when Xiaoyun a real live person, man Qiexi,, Xiaoyun will advance the bedroom and sitting in the bed, remove the caps, and Xiaoyun sets from a near. ? "Girl, home is where you, where you go to work, not to talk about her boyfriend." Face the front of the 30-year-old man's strange small talk, Xiaoyun burst of disgust. "You in the end like doing." ? "I'm not for your money, for your people." Men grin on his face and began to Xiaoyun and shifted around. ? Xiaoyun fell back, not from men see Xiaoyun, suddenly ferocious up: "tonight you do not accompany me, I kill you." ? Endless fear Xiaoyun had to cave in, leaving men obediently mercy. ? Drinking wine Back For the second half on the road against girls lone man was arrested ? After a long humiliation of half an hour, the man was gone, the infringed Xiaoyun hurry and friends telephoned to a friend crying about everything, panic, she did not think the police, just kept crying. . At a friend's persuasion,, Xiaoyun stop crying, I decided to police. ? At 3:58 on July 20, just as she was to Daye City Public Security Bureau 110 command center alarm. A knock the door again. "Get the door open." Xiaoyun listen closely, turned out to be just the man against her voice. ? "The police, you have to hurry,, the man came back." Terrified Xiaoyun locking the door and hid in the toilet loudly for help. ? Men's door knock bang bang sound, see Xiaoyun refused to open the door very disappointed retaliatory pull down the corridor after the gates left. ? After receiving the alarm, Daye City, Dongfeng Road police station, deputy director Huang early Jun, deputy squadron commander Chen Hui Criminal Investigation Police Association led the team quickly out of the police. That man had left soon after, the police led the search in the vicinity. ? Xiaoyun away from home more than 100 meters of the alley,, a lone man attracted police attention, the man was wearing a white shirt, he carries the package to a person walking alone on the road. Chen Hui closer look, he should recognize this man, the man Hwang last year, but had to provide gambling machines for gambling been arrested. ? "What are you doing here, do not go." Chen Hui stepped forward, pulled Hwang. And see Hwang Chen Hui, a surprising initiative to say hello: "Chen captain ah, you do not remember me, last year we've seen." ? Identified by Xiaoyun, Hwang is against his men. ? He pegged wearing black dress girl wearing underwear to commit crimes of late ? 40-year-old Hwang, Bridge Street Daye Luo people do. In 2004, for theft he was sentenced to 10 years in 2012 for early release to go home,extension per capelli, hang out all day idle, doing nothing. ? July 19, Hwang and several friends in Rhode Bridge Street for dinner, 21:00, he returned to the car Daye, in the vicinity of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Trade City stalls again, and another group of friends drinking wine meal, until 12 points to finish. ? Drinking alcohol, he was ready to return to Huang Shi rise residential rental house. Then he saw a young girl wearing a black skirt, holding a bag walked through the blurred light, his heart leapt up from an evil flame. ? He followed the girl all the way upstairs,tissage cheveux, in order to prevent being recognized, he took out a bag of newly purchased underwear, set in the head. ? After looting the money end, when he learned that the girl is a person, from the color center, the girl into the family hostage rape. Later, he also took a bath house Xiaoyun, Xiaoyun to prevent escape, he has left the door open. ? Even more ridiculous is that after violation Xiaoyun, before leaving, he pretended to play good. "Now a lot of such people, you be careful out." ? He then came to a Bay Gan eat barbecue and drink a small bottle of liquor. Just think so easy to succeed, his heart and "around the corner", Xiaoyun return home, ready to continue her attacker,extension cheveux achat en ligne,, Xiaoyun did not open the door, then he left to go home, did not expect to go swaggering down, and was arrested. ? Currently, Hwang has been under criminal detention, the case is still pending. ? Police remind the girls do not encounter satyr "loner" ? In recent years, a number of rapes occur Yellowstone region, the girl how to prevent violations of this kind, it is worth attention. ? August 5, 2012,, 18-year-old prospective college students little good (a pseudonym) summer to Yellowstone a company work, Zhang frequently male colleagues love to her. And refused, Zhang even take the bus with good opportunities for small and unfamiliar to her, to the riverside bushes forced obscene. ? August 27, 2013 2:00 pm, Ms. Wang Tieshan (a pseudonym) ready to go to work. Behind suddenly sprang a strange man covered in alcohol, drag it into the bedroom home like the line against the law. Subsequently, Ms. Wang against escape and the police. Police quickly arrested the suspect Chen. ? When May 13, 2014, 23-year-old woman Daye Xiaoting home from work, went to a secluded uninhabited place, and suddenly someone from behind it wrestled to the ground. Realize that they met satyr, the struggle took off the high heels, heel consecutive hit to the man's head, while shouting loudly for help. Subsequently, the man fled Zhang was arrested. ? , 2014 Nian June 1 to June 16, 52-year-old suspect Liang in Yellowstone area to find the name of a tutor, has three female college students cheat, which was taken to a nearby hill attempted rape, and armed with a knife robbed take the money and goods such as mobile phones female students, involving the value of more than 6,extension cheveux naturel,000 yuan. ? Police investigators said the case of rape, some of the criminals and the victims do not know, random crime, occurred late at night or in a remote place, and another occurred between acquaintances, friends, while the other guard down criminals committing the crime. Police remind this girl is best not to single out late at night, do not go remote sections. If you take a strange road, to choose a more street lights and pedestrian routes. ?(Edit: SN054)
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Xinhua Nanning, April 18 (Reporter Li Bin) that he is "80," Dr. North, now a Miao village cadres deep in the mountains; he majored in biochemistry and molecular biology, and now the main industry but is "garbage" ...... identity gap between large, professional counterparts, tough environmental conditions, but they did not spend his determination General business. His name is Wang Feng, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department stationed in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County township powder generous village "beautiful Guangxi 's Rural Construction work team. For two years, he rooted mountains Miao, from Beijing University, Dr. villagers became close friends, and a series of innovative experiences from small villages to promote the open. ? Dr. "garbage" crack "garbage village" ? May 2013, in order to improve production and living environment in rural areas as the main content of the "beautiful village in Guangxi Clean" campaign launched in Guangxi, eighty cadres into the rural towns and villages, the countryside to carry out cleaning work. In 2011 graduated from Peking University in Guangxi Wang Feng is one to one. ? Powder Rongshui Miao Township Public Village is a mountain village in northern Guangxi, Nanning, from generous to the village,extension cheveux naturel, we need to take five and a half hours by train,tagli di capelli, sit more than one hour shuttle. Sometimes even adventurous ride on the "black car." First arrived in the village, rest in bed collapsed when, in mosquitoes who bite countless packs, blankets full of clothes thick musty ...... hardship, the unimaginable. How it works stem from? Learn how to make their own role in the remote mountainous areas? Shan arrived, although dry out a career full of heart, but still feel helpless. ? "Dr. North to the mountains, picking up trash?" In this fly only had a few "Golden Phoenix" in the village, people with strange eyes looked Wang Feng. ? From rural Hunan Wang Feng to come out, try to find the crux of the difference between the rural environment: mountain rural waste composition messy, difficult to find a suitable treatment. Wang Feng and farmers while picking up trash, garbage transport, burning garbage, while access to literature, learning advanced methods of waste disposal at home and abroad. ? He found that rural waste disposal has its particularity: kitchen waste and construction waste farmers in their daily lives will be processed naturally, while other garbage can be divided into burnable garbage and non-combustible waste, combustible waste incineration needs a unified, non-combustible garbage must be recycled. ? Wang Feng took out his study at school spirit, careful study of Europe and Japan, after handling garbage, he designed a set of garbage, recycling, transportation, handling mechanism. In natural village as a unit, carry out waste from the farm level, the maximum garbage garbage processed within natural village, the rest of the garbage collected again after the reunification process, the formation of a "family classification - Tuen collection - Tuen transport - Tuncun Grading" processing mode. ? This model achieved most natural collect garbage in the process, reduce their dependence on transport,, in line with the actual mountain rural traffic inconvenience. This mode generous village Tuen Long arch successful test, known as the "Dragon arch model", popularized in Guangxi. ? "The key environmental governance in rural areas is to mobilize the masses, especially that of the poor mountainous areas, there is not enough funding to rely on the masses to launch at all levels, from the source to reduce waste." Wang Feng said. ? "Dr. North is not the same, always doing things we think can not think of a way." Village head Zhang Yong Wang Feng admiration, I admire his study momentum, to support his work in the village. ? Tackling the problems of rural waste disposal invention ? "Long arch Mode" The key lies in La Jichi village level, Wang Feng studied more La Jichi, La Jichi found around the advantages and disadvantages, he was determined to build a more suitable for mountain La Jichi. ? After repeated study and modify his village cadres six months, "generous card-waste pool" was born. The use of rural La Jichi Tuzao combustion principle, installed furnace steel bridge, then go in the garbage readily dry, burning, cost far lower than similar products. ? "In this La Jichi effort spent, more than decorate his house. Outset outside does not endorse, criticism and questioning more, according to our opinion repeatedly modified, has finally been recognized by everyone." Wang Feng said. The La Jichi its outstanding advantages in Rongshui promotion soon, and is currently patent pending. ? Wang Feng found that the burning of waste glass is not bad, buried not rot, collection difficulties, the biggest problem of waste disposal in rural areas. For solving this problem, Wang Feng visited the county, township and scrap yards, but also to learn from scavengers. ? After some twists and turns, and Wang Feng of Nanning a glass company to contact this company requires a large amount of waste glass bottles. Generous village built a storage capacity of 30 tons of waste glass focal point classification stacked colored, colorless and architectural glass. Meanwhile, the funds provided by the Science and Technology Department, through generous village per kilogram of waste glass bottles to give way to 0.1 yuan subsidies will guide the masses bottles delivered to the focal point. ? "Focus + subsidy" mechanism to solve the problem of rural waste glass. Rongshui invested nearly 100 million yuan to build infrastructure in the county each township to promote waste glass processing mode generous village. ? Bit by bit in exploration,allungamento capelli milano, Wang Feng to find a sense of accomplishment from waste disposal, the cadres and the masses has gradually obtained recognition. Local people found this Dr. North really have a skill, solid work,capelli lunghi, approachable, flexible thinking. ? Wang Feng also in the village all villages set up 11 "clean children's corps", the village children into duty cleaners. He Nanning to buy a gun, binoculars,, aircraft and other remote control toys, the children bring together and guide them to participate in the Clean rural activities. He also gave the children to carry out lectures, together with their games, just like a "child king." ? "One day I was still in bed, I heard some of the kids of the noise,, they asked if I would come early to engage in health today, they also told me to see the results of yesterday!" Speaking of "Children's Troupe", Wang Feng all over his face smile. He specially invited Beijing University teachers and students to communicate with the village children, to grant them the books and memorabilia North, encouraging them to study hard. ? Root out "the roots of poverty" helping Miao Development ? Long arch village there is a convenience store owner Dong Yun Jiao villagers planted fragrant, mushrooms, grass coral, wood and other specialty Velvet simple package, known as the "generous" brand of foreign sales. Dong Jiao Yun told reporters, this is thanks to the guidance of Wang Feng. ? Last month, Wang Feng Yun Dong Jiao took five villagers go out to visit, find local products is very popular with city people welcome. So, think of the Dong Jiao Yun mountains native packaging sales. Wang Feng let the village youth to register a Taobao shop, and strive to Miao original "generous" brand products sold nationwide. ? " 'Depository real conceivable manners', only rich farmers, and to be able to have more thought, more money to do it clean." Wang Feng think, to make clean rural keep it off, you must let the farmers the masses to get rich. ? To this end,, Wang Feng launched the "Seeds of Hope" program, "small-scale, multi-species' breeding project development,extension cheveux achat en ligne, so that farmers can use to guide the way to development of the industry. After the boot, the village emerged Red Kiwi, lily, Miao planting rice and other cooperatives, and black pig, bamboo rat, chicken and other forest farming cooperatives. ? Generous village set up a "village council", each natural village elections five reputable, competent, enthusiastic villagers as a member of the Council, responsible for co-ordination of the cleaning of each village. Wang Feng with the Council declare small infrastructure projects for community support, has secured more than 100 million of government funding, corporate donations 300 tons of cement, social contributions of nearly 10 million yuan to solve the generous village road sclerosis, stadium construction and other issues. ? To help poor college students ride out the storm, Wang Feng set up a "generous scholarship inspirational", mainly publishing initiative to raise funds through the micro-channel circle of friends. Friends,, colleagues have support, Peking University teachers, leaders and even academicians are generous, just three days to raise more than 70,,000 yuan. Held the first ceremony of scholarships awarded by the end of 2014, paid 25,100 yuan. ? Wang Feng often went running in the mountains mountains, to Nanning, Liuzhou and other places for the construction of the village "alms", led the villagers to go out to learn their experiences. Steep rugged mountain roads, steep curves are sharp,, frequent accidents. April 1,, the third time he has experienced a car accident, although no serious problem, but always thrilling. Wang Feng indifferent to say: "There are these little episode, grassroots experience was more plentiful ah!" ? Cement roads lead to the households, basketball courts near completion, bougainvillea bloom rose, sending the villagers of hygiene Habits ...... two years coming to an end, and now generous village, everywhere Hull. Wang Feng learned attachment coming to an end, a lot of people are in the farewell meeting in tears, reluctant palpable, sincere and simple words to Wang Feng also wet eyes. ? When reporters interviewed, seventy-year-old villager Wang Xiufen trembling came to a red paper envelope stuffed Wang Feng folded hands. On crumpled stationery is a Miao folks own songs, lyrics revealing the masses of Wang Feng gratitude: thank the party's good leadership, loving the people as child people seeking; cement road to every family, happy lives upstairs floor; cement stadium built well, the leadership of the people speak big labor; villagers have active exercise, improve population quality and more ...... ?
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Linyi City of Shandong Province Luozhuang police after careful investigation, recently fell swoop dig up a black dens selling waste oil, and immediately instructed arrested 19 suspects and selling cooking oil. November 28th, 14 suspects were in Linyi City Luozhuang District Procuratorate approved the arrest, the other five suspects was October 21 was the hospital approved the arrest. & Nbsp; ? "19 criminal suspects, dens boss Zhang Zongxiang,, Xiao four Juan couple alleged is producing and selling toxic and hazardous food crimes, raw material suppliers Zhao Ying, workers Liu Yuejiang alleged production of poisonous and harmful food crimes, the other 15 retail oil Suppliers are suspected of selling poisonous and harmful food crimes. "Linyi City Luozhuang District Procuratorate Inspection Branch Wang Wenwen prosecutors handling the case, said to reporters. & Nbsp; ? Refinery Couple: see waste oil money dried up & nbsp; ? Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao Juan couple had four ordinary villagers Luozhuang area. Prior to 2005,extensions cheveux, Zhang Zongxiang first developed in partnership with others in the village and villas gain a pot of gold, land speculation and then earned a second tranche of money. Once you have income from these two, the couple began to wonder, "making the money." & Nbsp; ? In the winter of 2007, Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao four Juan couple built a plant investment, initially mainly engaged in the acquisition of tallow reselling business, after the purchase of a processing oil equipment, processing poultry oil, chemical oil to chemical plants, or sell to feed plants do produce feed ingredients. Because the plant sit east,, Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao Juan couple called four West plant. & Nbsp; ? The winter of 2009, business was very good to see, Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao Juan couple has invested in four West plant construction Dongchang east,, in February 2010 put into operation in May this year to stop production, the main use of sheep fat, Ji Chang, Duck and other raw materials to produce chemical or feed oil. Meanwhile, for profit, Zhang Zongxiang also experimented with tallow, poultry oil, oil refining small amount of color clear, light flavor of cooking oil, cooking oil sold to retailers. & Nbsp; ? "We have to build a new plant in the new device, or the production of cooking oil to quick money, sells well." October 2010, after a preliminary attempt, Zhang Zongxiang made clear the market of waste oil, he Shaw four Juan said excitedly. Subsequently, Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao four Juan couple to rent of $ 300,000 per year for a lease of oil and grease plant idle for many years, the transformation of equipment to build large-scale production of cooking oil factory in the South. & Nbsp; ? In March this year, after the South Plant put into operation, from Hubei, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places to buy lots of raw materials production, to August has produced more than 1,000 tons of waste oil, all sold to Liaoning, Hebei and other places in the edible oil manufacturer, Sellers. These manufacturers, vendors and then selling it to others cooking oil blending into the edible oil sales, or a certain percentage of their own blended with soybean oil and other edible oil sales. & Nbsp; ? Linyi Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with the higher authorities luozhuang turn leads to careful investigation, on September 17 this year, Zhang Zongxiang will, Xiao four Juan Couple arrested. "Waste oil feedstock production is mainly tallow, poultry oil, oil. Tallow, poultry and sheep fat oil is, after the initial extraction Intestinal Duck brewed out of oil, oil is from the pot bottom material in the write-up that layer of oil slick, poor quality of diesel oil is to remove grease from the ground or from the ditch swill surface to remove oils, these oils processed through a number of steps, the fineness clear taste a light cooking oil. "in the public security organs,, Zhang Zongxiang confessed production of" pure "waste oil raw materials and processes. Xiao four Juan said: "We just want to make money, see Refining (cooking oil) to make money, would have done." & Nbsp; ? Liu Yuejiang Zhang Zongxiang is working primarily responsible for the processing of semi-finished products shipped to the South West plant deep-processing plant. September 21, after being arrested Liu Yuejiang admit earn Mei Xin money: "I know that waste oil is edible oil can not refuse, but in order to earn wage,capelli biondi, did not worry about anything else, I would have done." & Nbsp; ? Edible Oil Retailers: Anyway, many people eat no problem & nbsp; ? October 21, Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao Juan couple were four Linyi City Luozhuang District Prosecutor's Office in the production and sale of toxic and hazardous food approved the arrest of the crime. They were arrested together with, as well as suspected of selling poisonous and harmful food crimes of Wang Qiang. & Nbsp; ? This year 38-year-old cooking oil retailers,, Wang Qiang, the winter of 2009 opened a grain and oil distribution unit, specializing in the oil retail business. At first, Wang Linyi City, a regular production of soybean oil enterprises to establish a supply and marketing relations, because genuine, soon won recognition of the surrounding residents. However, operating less than a year, Wang Qiang have been fighting to soybean oil mixed with waste oil in mind. & Nbsp; ? The fall of 2010,, Wang Qiang LuoZhuang to "inspect" supply. In Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao four Juan couple Dongchang, Wang while suppressing unpleasant odor, she asked Shaw four Juan: "how such a big taste?" "Oil no flavor on the line," Shaw four Juan out "sample" of Wang Qiang said. See "sample" good color, no noise, no smell, Wang Qiang reassured. & Nbsp; ? Thus,ciocca di capelli, Wang began buying waste oil from Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao Juan couple four, and then incorporated in the proportion of 5% of edible soybean oil sales. In order to deceive the public, each purchase Qiang is one person alone. & Nbsp; ? September 22 this year, after Zhang Zongxiang,, Xiao Juan couple was arrested four fifth day, Wang also caught up. "Waste oil per ton cheaper than soybean oil on the market for about $ 750 by the incorporation of soybean oil soybean oil price to sell, which can earn the difference. Anyway,, a lot of people eat no problem." October 20, the prosecutor handling the case against Wang Qiang Say. & Nbsp; ? Suppliers of raw materials: high bid, give me the money line & nbsp; ? In May 2009, well in Donghai County, Jiangsu Province, Zhao Ying also optimistic about the waste oil market, he began to engage in the business of reselling waste oil feedstock, waste oil. And Zhang Zongxiang,extension de cheveux, Xiao four Juan couples, like the beginning of operations, Zhao Ying specializing in oil and chemical feed business, and for industrial and commercial tax registration, engaged in non-oil business. & Nbsp; ? August 2010, Zhao Ying in the collection of available information, found Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao four Juan Couple acquisition of waste oil feedstock bid high, on the initiative to come to find Shaw four Juan to discuss poultry oil, pot marked oil supply issues. After some bargaining, the two identified partnership continued until July of this year. & Nbsp; ? September 28 this year, after Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao four Juan couple were arrested, the public security organs in tracing the production of waste oil source of raw materials, will Zhao Ying captured. & Nbsp; ? "? Why sell Shaw four Juan" "Shaw four Juan production of oil to edible oils mixed with it." "Do you usually eat what oil?" ...... In the investigators a series of questioning, Zhao Ying truthfully confessed his crimes:? "She produce good quality oil, may be incorporated in an edible oil when the oil is good to sell, I do not care which, as long as she bid high, give me the money line. eat these oils certainly bad for your health, as are oil refining . I usually eat their own is their own peanut oil press. "October 21, Zhao Ying suspicion of producing poisonous and harmful food crimes were arrested. & Nbsp; ? According to the prosecutor handling the case Wang Wenwen, China's criminal law the production, selling poisonous and harmful food crimes means that poisonous incorporated in the production and sale of food products, harmful non-food materials or knowingly sells mixed with toxic and harmful non food behavior food ingredients. "Toxic and harmful non-food raw materials" refers to no nutritional value to human physiological toxicity, can cause adverse reactions after eating, the body damage the health of inedible materials. The present case, although Zhang Zongxiang, Xiao Juan couple with four pot marked oil as raw materials to produce cooking oil, there is no problem to food mixed with toxic and harmful non-food raw materials, but because of its use as raw materials for production are all toxic and harmful non-food raw materials,extension capelli clip, and its raw materials will be used for this waste oil to be sold, it should also constitute the crime. In this regard, the Liuyue Jiang, Zhao Ying, although knowing that it is still working to help form the production of toxic and hazardous food crimes accomplice. Lukin by Zhao Yunchang ? ?Share: welcome to comment I want to comment ?Microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today (edit: SN021) & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Exclusive articles Sina statement: the work (text, images, graphics and audio and video) for Sina, unauthorized, and any media or individual is allowed in whole or in part.