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add to favorites Torsion testing machine
It is used to measure the plastic deformation capacity and surface and internal defects during unidirectional or bidirectional torsion which the metal wires with diameters of 10 mm~30 mm.
add to favorites Rubber Chemicals Cobalt borate (RCo-B23)
Blue-violet granules; in addition to high-strength bonding ability for rubber and galvanized and brass-plated steel wire skeleton materials, this product also has excellent properties such as anti-aging, heat-resistant oxygen, steam resistance and salt water corrosion resistance.
Since the advent of this product in the 1980s, it has been called a revolution in the rubber industry, which is favored by rubber workers.This product is used in the manufacture of steel radial tires. It can also be used in the manufacture of steel wire reinforced transport tapes, steel braided hoses and other rubber products with metal skeleton materials.
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add to favorites Rubber anti scorching agent CTP
Character:white or pale yellow crystals, soluble in acetone, benzene, toluene, ether and ethyl acetate, and warm carbon tetrachloride, ethanol and heptane. It is slightly soluble in gasoline and insoluble in kerosene and water.
Application:this product can be used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It can effectively prevent the burning of rubber compound in the process of processing, thus making it possible for calender and extruder to operate at high temperature and high speed, improving the production capacity of vulcanizer, improving the storage stability of rubber compound, preventing natural vulcanization during storage, and for rubber which has already undergone high heat or has the risk of scorching.,The material has regeneration effect.
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